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Helping small businesses succeed with referrals and strategic networking!

Affordable Dues

Most networking groups charge dues that just flat out break the bank. Momentum Business Referrals keeps our dues affordable to help you maximize your membership! Call, click or visit us to learn more!

Build Your Business

Imagine having a continuous source of qualified, pre-sold leads at your fingertips! You scratch our back, we scratch yours. It's that simple. Referrals are a great way to grow your business! Find out how!

Growing Strong

With over 40 members and counting, our chapters are expanding across Metro-Atlanta into a wide variety of markets and industries. Imagine a sales force that sends business your way consistently. Let's talk!

Improved Sales Calls

Have you ever had a problem speaking in front of a group? We offer your the chance to give a 60 second commercial about your company each week to our membership. That helps you sell more effectively!

Major Incentives

With a total of $3,775 per year in financial incentives available to you based on your referrals, it's entirely possible to be a member for almost FREE! Visit us a few times and ask the chapter President to explain further!

One Seat Per Industry

Once a seat for any given industry is filled, it's filled. That means you, and you alone get all of the referrals for your industry! Each of our members have hundreds of clients. Joining then becomes a "no-brainer!"

Upcoming events

    • 12/12/2018
    • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • TBA


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