Policies and Procedures

Membership Dues

  • New Member: *$350.00
  • Annual Renewal: *$225.00
  • Quarterly Dues: *$90.00

*All due are non-refundable

** Invoices sent out via PayPal from Leadership Team.

Monthly Meeting Location & Schedule

Membership Incentives

  • $200 cash per quarter and $500 cash at year-end for:
  • Most referrals given that result in closed business.
  • The highest total dollar value given by a member in closed business.
  • $100 cash for sponsorship of a new member that meets membership requirements and renews for a 2nd year.
  • Four drawings at the last meeting in December for $100 cash.
  • Leadership team $245 per year of service. Payable in February of the following year.  $735.
  • Total $3,735.00+ per year in Incentives including leadership payouts.

Membership Requirements

  • One member per profession. Professions are defined by the membership. Multi-level marketing is not open to membership.
  • Provide six referrals that result in closed business each calendar year. Prorated based on date joined during the first year.
  • Attend meetings or provide a sub. (If the Sub is not an employee of your company they may only sub three times per calendar year.) It is your responsibility to communicate to your sub that they may not talk about their profession during the meeting if their profession is represented by a member in the group. They will only be allowed to state their name and the company they represent.
  • Meet with other members outside of the meeting. If you don’t do this you’re only hurting yourself. Purpose of your meeting should focus around three things. 1) Get to know each other on a personal level. 2) Understand how each other makes money. 3) Understand what consummates a good referral for each other.
  • Invite at least four new visitors per calendar year. Focus on visitors that can provide new business to you and your small group. (Prorated based on the date joined during the first year.)
  • Visitors are allowed to attend three meetings. After attending three meetings, they will need to submit an application to enter the fourth meeting. After attending three meetings the visitor is ineligible to be a sub.
  • Report problems or a complaint immediately to the VP when a member that you tried to do business with or you referred to someone does not provide goods, services or pricing that is best practice for their profession or in a timely matter. If they let you down, the group has a problem; protect your fellow members from being burned themselves or burning a business associate, family member or friend. This group is about integrity and trust.
  • Pay dues within 30 days of due date. Payment will only be accepted on line. If your exceed 60 days past due you will be charged with an absence.

Visitor Rules

  • Visitors are allowed to attend three meetings. After attending three meetings they will need to submit an application to enter the fourth meeting. After attending three meetings the visitor is ineligible to be a sub.
  • As a visitor you may not talk about your profession during the meeting, if your profession is represented by a member in the group. You will only be allowed to state your name and the company you represent.

10 Commandments of Momentum

  • Give referrals, not leads. Introduce your referral {by 3 way email or call) to your business partner and ensure your business partner has the best chance to close the business.
  • One seat per business. Examples: 1 Sign Company seat, 1 Plumber seat, Residential Realtor, 1 Mortgage Lender, etc.
  • Be respectful of overlapping services.
  • Each meeting, be prepared to give a 60 second speech on how the group can give you referrals. (Also be respectful of the person giving their 60 seconds)
  • Ten minute presentations can be given by members that have been invested in the group at least 90 days. Sign up with the Vice President for your 10 minute presentation.
  • Invite Guests and grow the group!
  • Communicate! If ever an issue with another member, bring it to the member or discretely to a member of the membership committee. Our member meetings are not the place to air grievances.
  • To get the most referrals-show up each week, be interactive and have Face to Face meetings with referral partners during the week.
  • Don't miss more than 10 meetings in 12 months (or membership will be under review) or send a substitute in your place more than 8 times in 12 months.
  • Please inform leadership of closed business via email for incentives.

Our Definition of a Referral

  • The prospect has a need and wants someone to fill the need.
  • You have received permission from prospect to accept a call from your fellow member.
  • You have given you prospect your fellow member’s name and contact information.
  • Enter the referral into the system.
  • Contact your fellow member to bring them up to speed on the prospects’ need.
  • Follow up with the prospect for feedback on how your fellow member was perceived.
  • Share the prospects’ feedback with your fellow member.

How to Forfeit Your Membership

  • Missing meetings: We want to take a more progressive stance on this issue. We all have lives and a business to maintain. With that said, If you are sick, on vacation, have a company meeting that you must attend, we encourage you to find a sub. However, we know that it is not always that easy to accomplish this. Therefore, if you miss a 10th meeting in a calendar year with or without a valid reason your membership is forfeited and your seat is opened.
  • Not submitting six referrals that result in closed business.
    Your membership is forfeited and your seat is opened.
  • Not bringing four new visitors to a meeting during the year. If you have submitted over six closed referrals and your attendance is in good standing the membership committee will take each member under consideration at time of renewal.

Annual Leadership Term

  • PRESIDENT: Sets agenda and runs weekly meeting, sets theme and delegates the Education minutes to a member each week. Coordinate speaker rotations.
  • VP: Set up a membership committee of three to review new and renewal applications under their direction. Handle all member concerns with regard to members’ conflicts and mediate to resolve the problem using the membership committee as needed. President will be informed before and decision is made public to the group. Take meeting attendance and enter it into the system.
  • SECRETARY / TREASURER: Takes care of administration house keeping with regards to the software app. Paying bills that are approved by the leadership team. All checks will have to be signed by both the Sect/Treasurer and the President. Help with Monthly Reports.
  • After a year of service the leadership will be given a check back for $245.00.